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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Solutions for Childhood Insomnia


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Kids have been running around playing, making mischief and having fun since the dawn of history. Parents are relieved when they finally get to bed and sleep off a hard day, let alone their children ;^ )

But something odd happened at the dawn of the Digital Age. Children stopped moving about so much. Why? They sat still to play video games, iPods, iPads, with cell phone calls and texting, and PC nonsense (including hours of sit-still digital TV and movies). Scholastic scores began dropping in percentages reflecting time spent awry. Young brains and bodies became flabby, not developed to maximum potential.

The lessons of the "Babysitter"
Television Age went unheeded.

Kids konked out, losing more sleep as time went by, especially if they've had PCs and cellphones in their bedrooms. Articles such Insomnia in Kids on the Rise began filling air waves and pixels.

Non-developing muscles, bones and brains were not feeling tired from hard days at sedentary play. Young minds overstimulated by sugary short-term energy foods, counter-productive access to gadgets, games and pointless communications began sitting atop underused bodies. Too much fast food piled on the calories as the rates of obese and diabetic pediatric cases scared the willies out of medical professionals.

The above is a prescription
for misfired biological signals.

Here are the Solutions for Insomnia in children and adults: STOP eating processed foods and move around more. Close your eyes and enjoy restful sleep when the sky goes dark. The world will continue spinning on its access if your children do not play one more game or text another message or make a cell phone call.

Eat simple, organic foods high in nourishment, flavor and preparation ease. Processed
foods are fulll of phthalates (found in plastics, shampoos, etc.), pesticides (weed-killer reaches your dinner plate in trace amounts your gut just does not need), lead, mercury and food colors. This blog and I already warned you of the xenoestrogens in expensive hygiene products and some foods, They are wreaking havoc with body functions.

Need a one-phrase concept that describes the above? SELF DISCIPLINE.

Parents, the purpose of long childhoods is so you have time to teach your offspring repeated lessons they need to know for satisying, productive adulthoods. Re-read this post as often as you wish and get busy. Your children need you to mold them into well-educated, decent people who don't need medical attention for unwarranted lifestyle mistakes.

All of you will be sleeping deeply and regularly in the foreseable future.

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