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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One WONDERFUL WAY to Protect Your Feet!


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Did you know that 80% of us develop some type of foot imbalance by age 20, and that almost everybody has a problem by age 40?

Your podiatrist can explain some of the causes (mine is unique to people with vision problems and WOW can I wobble!). Diabetics and people with less than optimal blood circulation especially need to focus on foot problem prevention.

The good news is that
a few excellent
preventative measures exist!

Keep your feet in great shape by wearing well-fitting shoes with low heels. Women, be especially careful in selecting footwear. Banana-toe shoes are dangerous; a built-in tripping mechanism. Long, skinny heels are not effective balancing mechanisms, either. It is not beautiful to break your bones or to bear bruises with something like this:

Women need thicker, low-heel pumps with rounded toes to prevent many foot problems. Colors, textures and materials abound for style-conscious wearing. The improved balance you'll have will make your stride more graceful. Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Cosmetic foot surgery such as toe tucks, heel narrowing, etc. are expensive ways of paying someone to maim you. If The One Above blessed you with body parts that work, use them instead of lopping them off for whimsical reasons you might regret later.

Guys, keep using those sensible lace-ups with ample room for your toes, heels and movement.

Well-fitting sneakers for sports and walking are increasingly acceptable at workplaces where bosses appreciate having you show up each day without complaining about foot pain. Invest in a quality pair to last you a while.

Air out all footwear for about 24 hours
between wearings no matter
who you are or what you wore.
That prevents odor and fungus problems.

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