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Sunday, July 18, 2010

News YOU NEED to Protect Your Feet and Knees


7 Tamuz 5770

I'm sharing this update to clue you in that human feet and knees need more than well-fitting shoes. They need good sense.

While racing around one early morning last week, preparing for an especially hectic day packed with appointments, I chose not to wear slippers or shoes during my "Gotta get dressed, pack my papers, water bottle and wallet" haste. So, naturally, I slammed my foot into a metal doorjamb, busting a baby toe in the process.


I incidentally met my podiatrist a while later at the bank. He looked quizzcally at my limping self entering the waiting line. I said, "Busted the baby toe, bandaged it to the next toe in a secure manner and now it's splinted." He winced and let me know there's nothing further he can do about the situation.

So, in my gracious acceptance of physical realities, I offer you some necessary "knews" about feet, toes, knees and shoes. sigh...
(Jan. 6, 2010) —
Running, although it has proven
cardiovascular and other health
benefits, can increase stresses
on the joints of the leg. In a new
study, researchers compared
the effects on knee, hip
and ankle joint ... >
(July 24, 2009) —
A habitually shod lifestyle has
consequences for the
biologically normal anatomy and
function of the ... read more
(Feb. 12, 2010) —
Humans, other great apes and
bears are among the few
animals that step first on the heel
when walking, and then roll onto
the ball of the foot and toes.
Now, a new study shows the
advantage: read more
(Mar. 25, 2010) —
Flip-flops and sneakers with
flexible soles are easier on
the knees than clogs or even
special walking shoes,
a study has found. And that's
important, because loading
on the knee joints is a key ...
(Nov. 15, 2007) —
The shoes you wear may
have significant effects on
your osteoarthritis of the
knee, according to new
Knee osteoarthritis is
caused by cartilage
breakdown in the
knee joint. Factors that ...
(Sep. 29, 2009) —
Women should think twice
before buying their next
pair of high-heels or
pumps, according to
researchers in a new
study of older adults
and foot ...
(Aug. 22, 2005) —
Our modern day Nikes and
Reeboks are direct
descendents of the first
supportive footwear that new
research suggests came
into use in western Eurasia
between 26,000 and
30,000 years ago...
(June 23, 2010) —
Going barefoot in the home,
wearing slippers, or socks
with no shoes may
contribute to falls among the ...

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