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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breaking Medical News!

11 Cheshvan

Before I became an author and Self-Help Coach, even before the life-saving surgery referenced in my book It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To, I was a journalist. My specialty was reporting medical news, an outgrowth of my former career in Health Information Management.

On July 25 2007 (just before the publication of my book) I posted something to this blog. Due to reader disbelief, I then regretted it. Now I regret having pulled the item off the blog. Why? Because the news is getting around the world by word of mouth, E-mail and more. Here is the information I now gladly share with you:

July 25, 10 Av 5767

Today I added new information (that may just rock the world of medicine) to the Resources section in It's MY Crisis!.


That's not all he discovered. When the full implications of this innovation in the medical world are understood, it will change the face of life worldwide. Avian Flu, Herpes, Legionnaire's Disease, as well as other virus-based illnesses, may soon be things of the past.

Publisher and editors of news sites, magazines and other media, contact me immediately to seal a feature story deal. I can write an article about the topic to knock your sox off! I'm well acquainted with the scientist addressed below. Mediabistro, this is a BIG story for you!

Readers of my blog who need to cope with serious illnesses, stay tuned for more breaking news.

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