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Thursday, October 18, 2007

For Oprah and Other People Whose Thyroid Problems Gotcha Down

6 Cheshvan

America's Queen of Television told the world that her thyroid got her up, down and messed around. That problem is not as rare as you'd think. Lots of people experience thyroid problems. The good news is that they can often be remedied prettily easily. How easily? Look in your kitchen cupboards!

If the problem is hypothyroidism (when the thyroid doesn't work hard enough), these foods can be a big help for boosting that sluggish thyroid and your body to healthy levels:

* Seaweed (minus the tiny seahorses that might be stuck on it). It's rich in iodine.

* Genuine sea salt (the gray, gritty stuff you sprinkle by hand, not the pretty white salt that easily flows through shakers) for more iodine and other nutritional treats for your body.

* Turmeric (a pretty reddish-golden colored spice that tastes good on just about anything from soup to salads) to tame your thyroid into better behavior.

You can find those items in almost any health food store.

If the problem is hyperthyroidism - when the thyroid overworks – then consider adding these things to your meals:

Foods rich in

* B vitamins (bananas, beans, seeds, nuts, fish, meat, dark green vegetables)

* C vitamins (red berries, citrus fruits, red bell peppers and other produce rich in Vitamin C)

Ask a nutritionist for advice about enzyme supplements to help keep things running smoothly. And by all means, have a board-certified doctor check you out for any and all thyroid issues. Some medications are major helpers when food is not the only answer.

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