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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Walk Around the World for Brain Tumors

4 Cheshvan 5768

Here’s an interesting update about Brain Tumor Awareness Week (I alerted you to the event some time ago):

Walk Around the World for Brain Tumo(u)rs and the Inaugural International Brain Tumo(u)r Awareness Week – News Update October 2007


Once again, this blog and my book have helped someone facing a medical challenge to feel emotional relief. Professor Celene Bernstein, one of the people associated with that Breast Chek kit featured on my October 8 2007 post, contacted me. We’ve corresponded quite a bit about a serious medical problem in her family. She bought my book. And she’s delighted with the references about coping with Multiple Sclerosis in the RESOURCES section of my book. Here’s a message from Professor Bernstein:

DEAR Yocheved, You are so special! thank you for all your e-mails. I am rather busy at work today, but will contact [that] nutritionist and will come back to you regarding organising something on T.V. I know about [author] Lauren Singer. I did have a chat with her. She too is amazing - so positive etc. …

Prof. Celene Bernstein

Professor Bernstein intends to share the book with her family member who needs it.

Stay tuned. You might see us together on South African television shows. Professor Bernstein is working on it. This book and blog are going global in many ways.

Yocheved Golani
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