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Friday, October 5, 2007

Write a New Chapter in YOUR Healing Story!

22 Tishrei 5768

You can write a new chapter in your coping with a medical crisis/healing story. If you live only according to the medical books, you might not create the personal history you need. That's why you're surfing the 'Net! You're searching for clues about how to heal and how to cope with your medical situation.

My book has answers that can help you.

It's MY Crisis! and I'll Cry if I Need To is all about thinking out of the box, even when you must rely on standard medical and mental health resources. Nine chapters of emotionally strengthening exercises, ideas about developing strategies for hospital stays that won't depress you and humorous comments show you how to accept your medical situation with dignity, self-respect and a focus on reaching your goals.

~**~**~**~ ~**~**~**~ ~**~**~**~ ~**~**~**~ ~**~**~**~

Internet is a good synonym for Interaction. People are E-mailing me about their race for a cure, how they recovered from their down moods by reading my book, their delight with my resource information and more. Some writers are letting me know that they read someone else's copy of It's MY Crisis! and now they're buying their own book.

Some of those E-mailers pose specific questions to me about their medical situations.

I've been providing personalized comments that address these specific medical/emotional needs via E-mail, building upon what I began in my book. It's MY Crisis! is selling by word-of-mouth advertising! And it is comforting my readers. It's literally helping people to make renewed efforts and to write new chapters in their journey to coping with medical crises.

Let me know if you wish to write a new chapter in your healing/coping with a medical crisis story. I'll add you to the E-mail service that sends updates to you whenever I update my blog about the medical world, my book and related developments.

*Learn about breaking medical news that might help you.

*Find out when and where I'll be speaking or appearing on radio and television (I have future bookings).

*Check out the developing news about my book.

Yes, another publisher wants to acquire It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To. Here's why: "[We read] sample chapters you sent us of It's My Crisis, and it looks wonderful!" A contract offer is being prepared as you read these words.

Who else is looking at my book and this companion blog?

BlogSense and several book reviewers are studying It's MY Crisis! and I'll Cry if I Need To and my blog about the book. I expect to share their comments with you in the near future.

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