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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does Your Doctor Need to Wash His/Her Hands?

5 Cheshvan 5768

You're already concerned about hospital stays and many doctor appointments. You and/or your loved one are already worried about a medical condition. But here's something else you need to consider: your doctor can make you sicker. So can the operating room.

The good news is that are solutions to the potential problem. Read on for an eye-opening education about the medical world.

The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths
Your doctors, hospital room and the operating room itself might not be as clean as you’d need or expect. The name for the problem that can seriously affect already ill patients, even kill them, is Nosocomial Infection. It results from medical care in unclean healthcare sites. Medical professionals know that thousands of people are harmed by these infections each year. Help your medical team to clean up its act. Learn more at

The Resources section of my book has other helpful information about how to prepare for hospital stays (including instructions about how to avoid food allergens in your hospital meals and how to prevent receiving the wrong medication).

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