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Friday, October 5, 2007

How My Book and Blog are Helping People to Heal and to Have Hope!

23 Tishrei 5768

Only yesterday I invited blog visitors to contact me about whatever they'd like to learn about in the medical world. One man, Francisco Hern├índez-Marcos (Madrid – SPAIN), has been corresponding with me for months, about a member of his family with Glioblastoma Multiforme. I've sent him details about several medical options. Today we engaged in a rapid-fire exchange of E-mails so I could inform him about an impressive new surgical technique: Intranasal Surgery. It's for people with tumors in their heads. It's like Keyhole Surgery for other parts of the body. It gets the job done and leaves NO scars.

Here's the information I shared with Francisco. It concerns a recent broadcast of the TODAY SHOW on NBC:

GOOGLE for TODAY SHOW. When you get to the site, look up Scarless Surgery. Let me know if you succeed in finding what you need to see. Hasta, Yoji

Francisco is thrilled with the ease of accessing the information (an online video) that may well help his relative. He is delighted that I'm informing the world about our correspondence. Check him out yourself:
(About Glioblastoma in my blog)

I had first informed visitors to my blog about Intranasal Surgery on May 20, 3 Sivan 5767. More exciting news about medical developments will be posted here over time.

Stay tuned for more stories about how my book and blog are helping people around the world!

Contact me about what you want to know in the wide world of healing arts. To your good health, Yocheved


Anonymous said...

Hi Yojeved,

I am happy of all our email and information exchanging we carried out!

I also offer anyone my help in whatever possible regarding brain tumours.

Francisco Hern├índez-Marcos (Madrid – SPAIN)
Glioblastoma in my blog)

Skype: franciscohm

Yocheved Golani said...

I'm awed by your generosity, Francisco. I hope that my readers will reach out to you.