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Monday, October 11, 2010

8 Easy Ways to Cope with Motion Sickness


3 Cheshvan 5771

Okay, I let you know how to lower the cost and commotion of the holidays last week. Today's update is about how to arrive with a steady stomach and sweet breath even if you usually throw up during travel time.

By the way, parents,
the suggestions below
can help kids on school
vans & buses, too ;^ D

1. Natural food shops and licensed natural pharmacies sell medications and natural products for motion sickness. Ask the staff to help you to find them.

2. BUS Behavior:
- Sit at the front of the bus, van or car. Looking out the front window helps some people
- No reading!
- Close your eyes to rest OR look out the windows at far-away scenery (for some reason, watching the scene recede is not nauseating)
- Carry airline sickness bags or several plastic bags from the grocer placed open and inside each other, just in case (they provide reassurance and an easy-to-dispose-of collection point)

- Eat pretzels, crackers, rice cakes (light & easy on the tummy)
- DO NOT drink milk before traveling on buses, vans or cars
- Suck pre-cut lemon wedges
- Eat breakfast before morning travel. Focus on protein and carbohydrates. Leave time to digest the food before boarding a vehicle
- DON'T travel on an empty stomach

4. Miscellaneous
- Chew mint gum, mint or Tic-Tacs
- Lemon drops can prevent vomiting and nausea
- Sniff scented wipes you already packed in your pockets
- Acupressure wrist-bands provide pressure points at the wrist (or have someone teach you how to press your wrist correctly with the fingers of your other hand)
- Chewable Vitamin C can minimize problems

5. Natural and Standard Medications
- Bonine - lasts 24 hrs but I'm not sure it available outside the USA
- Dramamine non-drowsy version – but I'm not sure this is available outside the USA, either
- Pramin - a prescription drug can prevent nausea and vomiting
- Cocculine
- Nux Vomica (these sublingual tablets dissolve under the tongue)

6. Consult a certified doctor or experienced homeopathic practitioner for other solutions

7. Ginger tablets can prevent problems

8. Read this article -

Happy traveling!

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