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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Retrocure for Autoimmune Disease or One BIG Mistake?


5 Cheshvan 5771

You can heal with wholesome food, pure water, exercise and prayers, or...

Make one BIG mistake.

I was taken aback to read news item and noticed that the Crohn's sufferer quoted in there mentions going organic at the end of the article.

I asked naturopath Shoshanna Harrari (listed in the Global Resources section of EMPOWER Yourself) about the alleged wisdom of helminthic/worm therapy.

She replied: "They used to recommend tapeworms for weight loss not so long ago as well. It is not difficult to have a healthy intestine and heal from Crohn’s by just eating right. I guess this is one therapy this guy never came across.

"Hookworms drink large amounts of blood
making people anemic and malnourished. Each worm can produce up to 30,000 eggs a day. They are the only worms with actual teeth. A person infected with them eventually becomes anemic, malnourished, mentally slow and weak. They will eventually have abdominal pains, possibly with nausea, indigestion and chronic diarrhea. Chances are he will be very regretful of this ‘treatment’ in the next year or so. It is very difficult to get rid of them once infected, and the Crohn’s he had will look like a picnic."

Readers, you just don't want
that stuff
in your gut or anywhere
in your bodies.

Yes, worms do migrate
to human brains.
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Technology explains the
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Helminthic Therapy said...

There's quite a lot of misinformation in this post. You should read the links inside the original foxnews article for more info. Let me just address the inaccuracies in the post.

If you look up Necator Americanus in an encyclopedia, you will see that they do not drink a lot of blood. Each drinks 0.05ml of blood a day. So if you have 35 hookworms which the therapeutic dose, they will drink half a teaspoon of blood a month. That's less than what a woman loses every month. They don't reproduce inside the body - the eggs needs to be incubated in a moist warm soil for 2-3 weeks at the right temperature and humidity before the larvae becomes infective. So there is no chance to get more. Necator Americanus hookworms don't travel to the brain, they live their adult life only in the small intestine. If you have a normal diet and have 35 hookworms, you will not become anemic or malnourished. Furthermore, light infections are completely asymptomatic - there will be no abdominal pains, nausea, indigestion or chronic diarrhea.

Crohn's is an auto-immune disease and the diet alone can't fix it. People used to have these organisms for millions of years and now that we got rid of them their absence is causing diseases. Read the studies at for more info

Yocheved Golani said...

I posted the original and only link I know of to Fox's presentation, which is how I learned of the item.

I checked with multiple medical professionals in terms of researching my blogpost. I stand by what I posted.

Divergent theories, practices and beliefs are part of medical life. I have given voice to Ms. Harrari's take on helminthic therapy. You differ with her and need to address her. She is the person quoted here.

Helminthic Therapy said...

This isn't a question of divergent beliefs - this isn't a religion. Medical science is much more exact than that, especially when having to do with helminthic organisms that have been studied extremely well. Necator Americanus is one of the best studied organisms on the planet. Before posting someone's opinion, you should do a bare minimum of fact checking. At the very least, go to wikipedia and see if it corroborates what you posted. Even a cursory google search will tell you that the information that Ms. Harrari provided is factually inaccurate and filled with falsehoods. I challenge you to find an external respected reference that backs up any factual information in your post, specifically concerning Necator Americanus hookworm which is the main organism used in helminthic therapy.