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Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Steps to Getting Unstuck!


21 Cheshvan 5771

Pretty splashy image up there, huh? I hope to fill you with as much optimism as that picture implies.


Jews around the world are reflecting on the Jewish New Year season that passed last month. It seems that everybody else is looking forward to January, but all of us are worrying about the daunting lead-up to it: Thanksgiving season. Xmas parties. Kwaanza fests. Bills. More bills. Tempers. Fourth quarter reports. Bosses cut losses by firing staff. Fear. Panic.

Here's some nifty advice I found in a recent Psych Central Newsletter. I blended it in a way to help you more than the original presentation might:

Here are 4 steps to get unstuck:

Name the stuckness – In other words, simply say to yourself, this is the feeling of being stuck

Find the physical sensation – Take a brief scan of your body and become aware of where you notice the greatest sensation. Get a sense of how large it is, it’s shape, does it have a color? Get curious about it. Getting curious helps us break outside of the box.

See choices – Ask yourself the question, is there another way I can see the situation I’m in? What choices do I have here? See if you can do this without judgment, more as a brainstorm.

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Take action – Put one foot in front of the other and begin engaging in one of those choices.

Even if the choice doesn’t stick at first, know that this practice in itself is training your mind to get unstuck from the cycles it gets caught in. When you notice yourself wandering into past habitual ways of being, know that is expected and just gently guide yourself back.

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