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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ethical Issues: Illness from the Nurse's Perspective


11 Cheshvan 5771

Your medical problems are only one side of the story. Consider the nursing perspective and the godawful problems that medical professionals face in providing you with optimal care:

Recognizing Signs of Depression in Patients

Ethical Issues for Nurses

Part Two, Ethical Issues for Nurses:

You need your medical team to cooperate with you, to improve your health, end or accomodate your pain and limitations. But those doctors and nurses face nightmares of their own: fear of felicitous lawsuits, physical and mental exhaustion, lack of knowledge (who on earth could keep current with every medical advance in the world? It takes focus and adequate time to learn them, let alone to find out that they exist). Rude patients, friends and relatives only complicate matters.

End or at least minimize the problems.
Treat medical professionals with
courtesy and respect.

Gratitude would be nice, too.

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