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Friday, October 8, 2010

Reduce Holiday Costs with Three Affordable, Heartfelt Presents


30 Tishrei 5771 (WOW a Jewish month with 30 days! Rare.)

OK, you know how to reduce the stress and strain during your holiday travel. Now I'll share ideas about how to reduce your costs. Why now? Because newspapers and magazines tend to run such stories too close to holiday time, when you can't pull new projects together so fast. Ready? Read on:

Presents do not have to
come with price tags.

1. Do some crafts that will be appreciated. I just turned a denim skirt with lovely trim, but so torn that I can't wear it, into a gorgeous shoulder bag for someone! Plan how you can make something from "nothing."

2. Provide some services. Think out of the box and focus on what friends and family keep asking for. Somebody wants a maid (I keep joking that I need a butler)? Tidy up their garage, home or office, or sweep up messy leaves. Share some of the plants that grew in your garden or do garden maintaintence as your gift to someone special. Paint, repair or move something that needs it as you delightfully surprise the beneficiary. Leave a hand-made card behind with your best holiday wishes, whatever you do.

3. Share some of the jokes and funny stories books, movies or television shows you like, even some ideas in EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

Lighten the mood for someone you love and appreciate. Ease their mind and heart this holiday season. The E-book is full of humor, can-do coping suggestions and money-saving information (including for travelers with medical issues!). Reread your favorite parts of the book together.

Happy holidays!

And puh-leez
don’t send the kids
this year.

Headlines always mourn
innocent victims of some
sicko who poisoned the
candy or filled it with

Make safe, easily supervised
home or school parties

The idea book for a healthier, happier life: Quick and convenient E-book EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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