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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Staying Healthy and Happy While Traveling During the Holidays


29 Tishrei 5771

Shuddering at the memories of past hangovers, family fights and delayed connections for getting to where you need to be during holiday season? Read on for quick tips to feeling better when you travel by train, plane or highway traffic:

PACK ASPIRIN in a sealed container (e.g., clean film containers, pill holders from drugstores) to tuck it into a handy pocket for immediate use when necessary. Holiday travel is often a BIG headache.

Airline food is not ideal in many ways. Minimize your problems. PREPARE ENERGY-PACKED SNACKS (rice cakes with no-drip honey and peanut butter, pre-washed fruit, bananas, already peeled hard-boiled eggs, sliced veggies, some chocolates) in sealed-shut plastic bags. Stick to the served salads, rolls and juices if possible. Leave the greasy foods on your plastic plate.

You can PRE-ORDER vegetarian and other SPECIAL MEALS when you book your tickets. Re-confirm those special meals within 48 hours of departure, then again 24 hours before take-off. Sip bottled water and real – not watered down – juice, often.

Liquor is quicker and candy's just dandy if you want
BIG headaches while lugging suitcases, tickets, and family or friends all over creation. Don't do the hard stuff and, please, Prevent Choking Accidents: Avoid liquor and small candies while you're traveling. They're just not worth adding to your list of What Went Wrong this Time.

Does flying hurt your head? AVOID EAR PROBLEMS with an already-purchased package of gum in one of your pockets. Start chewing as soon as the seat belt light goes on. Keep chewing until the ear pops stop.

If you don’t have gum, place your palms over your ears as if protecting them from cold weather. Or hold a paper/plastic cup over each ear. Have an air host-hostess bring you paper towels soaked in hot water if possible. Tuck the cooling lumps into those cups and over your ears. Or hold them down with the flat of your hands to keep the relief in place. These activities reduce air pressure in your eustacian tubes, where ear pain happens during hilly and air travel.

Cranky kids? Losing your own poise? Use some Pre-Packed POCKET GAMES and/or READING MATERIALS. Crossword puzzles, riddle books and crayons with pictures to be filled in can keep kids quieter. Distract bored children with mind games: play "I Spy with My Observant Eye," "20 Questions" or something along those lines.

Feeling cramped in your seat? DO ISOMETRIC and simple YOGA EXERCIZES in that spot: press your palms together – hold – release – repeat. Press feet to the floor – hold – release – repeat. Do stretches, flex/extend and squeeze your toes/hands/eyes and mouth together and apart, one by one, to keep your blood flowing better than it would with too much sitting in place.

PREVENT SORE LEGS. Buy some compression sox or stockings in shoe stores or medical supply shops before flight day. They can help to prevent blood flow problems that pose serious health risks.

DRINK WATER all through the travel time
even if you need to pee later. Trains and planes recycle dry, germ-filled air. Cars heat up from bodies and tempers. Prevent headaches and grogginess by sipping water to re-hydrate and refresh you top to bottom. And, uh, buy some disposable toilet seat covers. Use them well.

Buy one of those NECK ROLLS you fill with air from your mouth, or bring a small, cheap rolled up towel onto the plane for your neck. You'll sleep more comfortably with neck support and not wake up with a sledgehammer sensation. If you lose the cheap towel you won’t feel as upset as if you'd misplaced something expensive.

Use deodorant foot powder before you head to the airport or train. Remove your shoes or boots while you snooze in your seat, for more relaxation.

As for jet lag, I wish you the best.

Sipping water throughout your travel time can help. Eat turkey or dairy foods to induce sleepiness (honest, they make you feel like napping) before bedtime at your destination.

One more thought: keep reconfirming your travel plans. Holidays are notorious for delays, bad traffic and tempers raging out of control. Terrorism threats are adding to the messed up scheduling mix. PREPARE your LOVED ONES about WHAT TO DO IN EMERGENCIES long before you set out with, or, to see them.

Rehearse scenarios
so that

if GOD forbid
you must cope
with disaster,
you can go into
autopilot mode.

Consider wearing a strap-on First Aid Kit or packing one in hand luggage.

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Happy holidays!

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