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Monday, October 18, 2010

Testicular Cancer Resource


10 Cheshvan 5771

Men, I'm pleased to share this information with you:

The Testicular Cancer Resource Center

While you're studying it, make a note to read something I shared at LinkedIn only hours ago:

... I advocate the use of superb nutrition
while or instead of pursuing medical
procedures. The effects of nutrition
have been observed for thousands of
years. Their trials are over.

Dr. Dean Ornish reverses heart disease
with food and lifestyle changes instead
of cardiac procedures. Other medical
trailblazers do likewise.

Choosing low-tech lifestyle changes
is risky, frightening and a personal
judgment call.

It's not a sure thing in any manner.
But documented evidence proves that
alternative healing/prevention
techniques do succeed.

I'm marketing a feature story I wrote
about extremely effective low-tech
solutions for making the most of the
remaining vision in brain-injured
patients. The lesson of the medical
experts quoted in my piece is this:
Western medicine too often opts for
expensive procedures and/or
medications when less lucrative,
equally or more effective solutions
exist. Patients are not necessarily
fully informed of those low-cost,
low-risk and high-yield options.

Medical practitioners are pressured
to make sustainable incomes as
insurance companies pull their
financial chains.

It all makes for a moral mess...

You need people to cooperate with you, to help with your healthcare. But they complain that you're moody, short-tempered and forgetful (Who wouldn't be in this situation?). And medical expenses are on everybody's nerves right now aren't they?

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