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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woman Recovers from Blinding Brain Tumor, Saves Lives and Her Sight!


4 Cheshvan 5771

Blinded by a benign brain tumor killing me while it was crushing all my nerves, I survived harrowing surgery.

Against even bigger odds, I recovered my vision. Medical professionals call my recovery "Shocking," "Amazing," "Unprecedented," and "Miraculous."

They did not know how or that I'd changed my entire post-surgical way of life: food, exercise, sleep time and more.

Doctors tell me that my health has improved so much since life-saving 2005 emergency surgery that it's comparable to the health of a woman HALF my age.

I wrote two highly acclaimed books that describe how I recovered my health and sight. They tell you about how to cope with medical crises by overcoming fear, stress and lack of necessary information. They even clue you in on how to save mega-money on medical care and necessitites!

I've spoken on the air and in live forums many times about my experience (click on links in the margin to hear me again).

Avoid foods that
aggravate your illness.

Focus on foods that
ease problems and pain.
Eat foods that HEAL
human bodies!

Do things that ease
emotional and physical

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And I'll Cry If I Need To:
EMPOWER Yourself to
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